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Connecting the Dots

Leveraging over 30 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship education, resource connections, and ecosystem development, E3 is uniquely situated to provide services that help entrepreneurs and resource providers work more efficiently and effectively to run their businesses, leverage opportunities, share communications and create jobs.

Ecosystem building has emerged as a leading strategy for economic development and community revitalization. As ecosystem builders, E3 connects key stakeholders in infrastructure, talent, market access, community culture, regulatory/government support, business assistance and capital to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Ecosystem Building

Fostering a supportive network of resources and stakeholders to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation

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Main Street Partnerships

Collaborative initiatives that connect entrepreneurs with established businesses to revitalize and strengthen community economies

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Trainings on design thinking, intellectual property, and commercialization strategies to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to innovate, protect your ideas, and successfully bring them to market

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Entrepreneurship Coaching

Providing personalized guidance and mentorship to aspiring and established entrepreneurs to help them navigate challenges and achieve their goals

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Pitch Competitions

Competitive events where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to secure funding and support for their ventures

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Strategic Planning

Comprehensive strategic, budget and sustainability planning to help innovators develop long-term visions, allocate resources effectively and ensure continued success and financial stability

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Community Business Development

Empowering local businesses and startups through tailored strategies that enhance economic growth and sustainability

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Bridging Innovation Week

A dynamic annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, and stakeholders to foster collaboration, celebrate innovation and drive economic development in West Virginia



Vanishing mediator services, including fair and objective opinions and guidance, for you and partner organizations during collaborative work.

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